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Bending AF Azevedos

Bending is a strong component of AF Azevedos’ services, currently relying on six equipments with high quality and profitability performance levels.

Throughout AF Azevedos’ production area, it is possible to find from traditional bending machines to panning machines, thus guaranteeing the offer of a quality end product, developed based on the satisfaction of different market needs.

Quinadeira XLTBend

RAS XLTbend – Highly efficient electric machine with a bending capacity of up to 4000 mm


Adira – PA 22040 (2 uni.)
(Max. 4000mm)


Adira – BB5020
(Max. 2000 mm)


Adira – QHD
(Max. 3000 mm)


Trumpf – Trubend 7036
(Max. 1000 mm)

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