PME Excelência

Tools and molds. Professionalism and years of experience.

AF Azevedos is dedicated to the manufacture of product to the customer, through integrated production solutions using the services /available processes, standing out:

  • 3D modeling and integration in CAD / CAM systems, including own manufactured tools (molds, dies, cutting, etc.) to support the production process;
  • Machining CNC of high speed, electroerosion, turnery, milling and grinding.

It is also endowed with the ability to manufacture stamping tools and injection molding of plastic and silicone. In most cases this area of the company is used for the manufacture of molds and tools in order to produce parts that are incorporated in equipment made by the companies of the group.  

Pole 1

Rua Sr. dos Perdões, 116 e 122
4760 - 727 Ribeirão - Vila Nova de Famalicão

Pole 2 - Showroom BPLAN

Rua Sr. dos Perdões, 30
4760 - 727 Ribeirão - Vila Nova de Famalicão

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