PME Excelência

We are a company dedicated to precision metalworking.

With approximately 40 years of existence, AF Azevedos, began the activity with the execution of tools and molds. Following the needs of the growing market and technological development has a vanguard production capacity. Extended its activity in the steel plate processing area and production of electromechanical machines, having today two plants, with a covered area of more than 6000m2.


The mission of A. F. Azevedos remains the continuous improvement of its manufacturing processes, providing for the company to be able to implement projects with high standards of quality.  
The markets, in which the company invests, are varied, such as the aviation industry, automobile, equipment for power distribution, safety equipment, lifting equipment, etc.


Taking advantage of the existing technology valences, AF Azevedos created the brand BPLAN - - with the purpose of acting in areas like architecture and decoration with the panels cut design, street lighting, lighting cut design and furniture.

Together we are stronger.

JAMA - Máquinas Industriais e Agrícolas, Lda

Factory of trailers and agricultural machines, being at the present, one of national leading manufacturers of agricultural trailers.

Olimatik - Climatização, Lda

Develops its activity on climate and renewable energy, based on the use of clean and natural energies.

Forma 3D - Plásticos e Montagens, Lda

Company dedicated to the thermoforming of plastics using the heat and vacuum system.

Pole 1

Rua Sr. dos Perdões, 116 e 122
4760 - 727 Ribeirão - Vila Nova de Famalicão

Pole 2 - Showroom BPLAN

Rua Sr. dos Perdões, 30
4760 - 727 Ribeirão - Vila Nova de Famalicão

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